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Hi! I'm Josh.

From Zero to Hero - Building Web Applications with Ruby
Welcome students, to the Ruby/Rails class website

We'll use this site to provide up-to-date information regarding the course. Please make sure you constantly check and always read the"Latest News" Sectionbelow, in order to be updated with important news.

I've also provided a FAQ section right here in the homepage.Make sure you read it carefully!It contains the must-know information.

Course Distribution

Registered Students

Midterms (20/20)40 pts
Homework15 pts
Project Proposal10 pts
Final Project30 pts
Challenge & Innovation5 pts
EXTRA(2): Speaker12 pts

Latest News

2nd midterm

I've uploaded the instructions for the 2nd midterm. Good Luck Ruby Heroes!

New Homework

Let's get going! We have a new homework.

1st midterm

I've uploaded the instructions for the 1st midterm. Good Luck Ruby Heroes!


I've uploaded a quick assignment to finish up in class. Go check it :)


Please refer to the class docs section, I've uploaded two new class lectures including the one regarding TDD basics.


The first assignment has been posted, please read the description carefully. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to e-mail me!


Please refer to the registration section in order to submit your email, name and interests. This will give me the feedback I need so I can meet your expectations.


The quiz dates are the following:

Date: June 6th 2013 -First Midterm Exam - Topics: Ruby & TDDDate: July 4th 2013 -Second Midterm Exam - Topics: To be determined

The project proposal deadline date will be the same date as the first midterm which isjune 6th 2013.However, I expect proposals to be deliver as soon as the second week of class.

Why? You may ask. Well, mostly because your first 3-4 submissions will need a lot of revisions and corrections and as you may know your proposal plays a huge part on the score of your project. You don't want to be lose those precious points at the beggining of the course, don't you? ;)

Here's a guide for each mayor OS:


For windows I recommend theYard'sRailsInstaller which you can downloadhere.

Linux(Flavor: Ubuntu)

Hereis a really cool guide for installing everything you need on Ubuntu 12.02 fromDigital Ocean.


Engine Yardapplies here as well, get ithere.

Classes are held every Tuesday and Thurday from 8:00PM to 10:00PM on INTEC's FD building room 401. If you need any additional information make sure you give me a shoutout on twitter at@gotjoshand I'll try to respond ASAP.

I'll do my best to get them up all of them this week. (Week of 2013-05-13)